A completed example of a Mixbook:

A Mixbook being used for a report over the American Revolution with students writing their report using haiku verses.
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Possible Uses in Class

Cultural Heritage
This is a mixbook I created after doing a GRASP activity with my students in Social Studies.
Mixbook is a program in which people can insert pictures and text into an online book-like format. After finishing, the author can either save the book or order a printed version of the book.
  • Photos can be uploaded from multiple locations (computer, Facebook, PhotoBucket) onto the pages.
  • Others can be invited to add to the book, while the creater is still able to edit what is added. Students could be invited to add, and the teacher edit.
  • The program offers a short tutorial.
  • Backgrounds and other items are divided up into themes, but there are several to choose from. There are too many for students to make a quick decision about.
  • Often hard to drag and drop pictures, and once picture is placed, it is hard to change the picture. Students would have to hit the undo button often.
  • Great for making a photo book but there are not a lot of text boxes in some of the examples. Students would have to be taught how to add them.
create a student authored book, create a classroom yearbook for students that could not afford one, create a how to book
students could create a grammar help book
have students develop tricky word problems for others to solve, have the students write an explanation for the problem
Social Studies:
make a timeline book of students lives
have students create a book over science experiments throughout the year and include instructions for the experiments


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